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A Closer Look at Policy Loans and Dividends

This client approved piece helps prospects understand the loan options available with Legacy Series whole life policies. 

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The Income Taxation of Whole Life Insurance  

This one-pager outlines the basic income tax advantages that whole life offers in a simple, straight forward way for clients.

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Income Tax Diversification

This one-pager is designed to help prospects understand the advantages of owning assets that offer different tax regimes as part of their retirement planning. It also looks at income tax advantages offered by various retirement accumulation and the income options available to them.

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2019 Federal Tax Information  

For use with clients, this brochure provides 2019 Federal Tax Information ranging from standard deductions to individual income tax rates.

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Single Premium Whole Life insurance, (SPWL-2013, ICC13SPWL and ICC13SPWL in North Carolina), is a participating, permanent single premium life insurance policy issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, Springfield, MA 01111-0001.