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Trust Income Taxation

A trust’s income can be taxed to the grantor, the trust and/or its beneficiaries. It is important to identify the trust’s income tax status and understand the income tax and reporting requirements of each status. 

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Donor Advised Funds    

This new Strategy Spotlight reviews donor-advised funds (DAF), a simple but flexible, cost-efficient and tax-efficient vehicle for accomplishing charitable gift-giving goals. Given the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), DAFs may increase in popularity.  

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Qualified Charitable Distributions  

Make your charitable contributions right out of your IRA. This strategy spotlight provides an overview and key points on qualified charitable contributions you can use with your clients. 

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2018 State of the American Family Study     

This consumer brochure can be used to open doors to conversations about how important it is to address financial security today – for the future.

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