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Reminder! NY Reg 187

New York Regulation 187 Best Interest training for life sales


Illustrations - All pages of a signed and dated illustration must be submitted with the application

  • Illustration must include insured’s full name, age, gender and plan.
  • Broker’s name, license number if required and business address.
  • Illustration must include product summary and disclosures.
  • Illustration must match the benefits on the application.
  • Illustration must be signed prior to or same day as the application.  Illustrations dated after the application date will not be accepted.


Suitability Questionnaire - Producers must disclose suitability rationale on the Suitability Questionnaire that forms the basis of the recommendation.

  • All NY applications must include the Reg 187 Suitability Questionnaire.  Information must be obtained on the policy owner.  We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the questionnaire so that you are obtaining the appropriate information from your clients. 
  • The Reg 187 Pocket Guide can help you determine suitability for clients when the contract state is NY.
  • The Guide to the Life Insurance Suitability Questionnaire breaks down each section of the suitability questionnaire and is a good reference.
  • Upon submission, suitability and underwriting processes will run concurrently. 


As of January 25, 2020, all life insurance applications must include client signed illustrations with disclosures and suitability questionnaire.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!

Best Interest Training AND Mass Mutual Product Training must be completed by all brokers selling life insurance policies in NY beginning January 25, 2020.  Applications received after 1/25/2020 will not be processed unless you have completed these requirements, as mandated by New York Regulation 187. If the contract owner lives in NY, the regulation applies regardless of where the sales activity took place.

There are two parts in this process:

1) Complete Best Interest Training

2) Complete MassMutual Product Training

The instructions on how to complete both Best Interest (Page 1) and Mass Mutual Product Training (Page 2) can be found on the attached Quick Start Guide. Please note that if you are not registered and will not solicit Variable Life business, you do not have to complete the Variable Life Insurance module.