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<strong>Post Issue Self-Service Options</strong>

Post Issue Self-Service Options

Due to the variety and volume of questions we are fielding in this tumultuous time, it is even more important that we partner closely to ensure we maintain our ability to serve all producers and customers. 

Use these options as often as possible, especially when requesting disbursements on behalf of your brokers’ clients or when providing disbursement forms. Using EFT/ACH disbursement options will help you provide a better experience for their customers, as they also navigate the new normal of social distancing and reduced travel.

While the option to use paper checks is still available, mailing may be a delayed due to limited staff. When requesting disbursements, consider the following options with clients:

Life disbursements

  • The Loan Smart Form enables the ACH option to be submitted with an electronic signature. Advise clients to upload a copy of a voided check to reduce delays in processing. Note: Policies must be individually owned to use the Smart Form.
  • For Life disbursement requests not supported via the Smart Form, include the One-time EFT/ACH for Disbursements form with a voided check, in addition to the disbursement form, when submitting the request via email/fax.
  • The bank account name must match the policy ownership arrangement to use the EFT/ACH option.
  • When using the Surrender Smart Form, advise clients to elect the ACH option and upload a copy of a voided check.
  • Clients can receive process updates by electing the Text Message option on the forms.

Annuity disbursements 

When handling loan, partial, or full surrender disbursement requests for annuities, advise clients to receive disbursements via ACH/EFT for all transactions to avoid delays due to limited staffing resources.

When submitting the applicable disbursement form, be sure the ACH/EFT option is selected and a voided check is submitted if not already on file. Common disbursement forms include:

Other self-service resources

We will keep you updated on the latest developments as circumstances impacted by the coronavirus evolve. While uncertainty and disruption have reached new levels, we have managed through difficulties before. Thank you for your perseverance, resiliency, and calm as we work through this worldwide event together.