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Broker Training Requirements Prior to Submitting MassMutual Business

To be completed once you’re contracted with MassMutual and have received your producer writing codes.

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Training: Under the US Patriot Act, MassMutual is required to provide brokers with on-going training concerning their responsibilities under their AML program.
  • Annuity Training – NAIC annuity training may be a requirement in some states. In addition, MassMutual requires product training completion prior to soliciting of annuity business for all states. 
  • NY Regulation 187 – NY Reg 187 imposes best interest obligation on producers when making a recommendation on new sales, post-issue sales or inforce transactions on annuity contracts or life insurance policies issued in NY.  All brokers must complete training prior to soliciting business in NY.
  • Long Term Care – The sale of LTC products requires pre-sale and on-going training requirements be completed prior to taking/dating an application.  These states do not currently have an LTC training requirement unless you are selling Partnership: CT, DC, DE, IN, HI, MS and NY.  In order to check the status of your training for a specific state, or to check a state’s specific requirement, you can register at: CA training requirements cannot be tracked through