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Types Of Disability Insurance


 Radius & Radius Choice

  • Fully underwritten disability insurance available to professionals, business owners (large or small) or corporate executives purchasing coverage on an individual, employer-endorsed or employer-pay basis. Radius Choice is available in all states except CA, CT & PR.  The Radius product is sold in states where Radius Choice is not available.



  • RetireGuard can help participants replace an amount equal to the retirement contributions that would have been made had they not become totally disabled.  It is available as a rider on a Radius or Radius Choice policy or as a stand-alone policy.


Executive Select Program

  • The Executive Select Program is for 5A and 4A executives who earn $800,000 or more annually. The program carries an additional premium and allows for non-cancellable individual disability income insurance coverage in excess of our current Issue and Participation Limits. Coverage can be issued to your clients that currently have up to $20,000 of existing MassMutual or other individual disability income coverage.


MassMutual Income Protection Option

  • An individual disability income (DI) insurance policy made available with a streamlined application process when applying for a Whole Life or Term Life Insurance policy from MassMutual. Not available in CA, CT, NY, PR or VT.

Small Business Owner


Business Overhead Expense

  • Available to small-business owners. Reimburses the business owner for overhead expenses in the event that he/she is disabled and cannot pay the covered overhead expenses of his/her business because of a decrease in income due to disability.


Disability Buy/Sell

  • Disability income insurance for professional and nonprofessional small-business owners to provide funds for purchase of the insured’s share of ownership in the event that he/she becomes totally disabled. Not available in CA, NY or FL.